Blood Check Could Predict Oral Cancers Recurrence Early research suggests.

In the study, the researchers analyzed saliva and bloodstream samples from 93 people who have head and neck cancers; about 80 percent of the sufferers had cancers that examined positive for HPV. All of their cancers had previously been treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.
a strain of the virus that’s strongly associated with head and throat cancer. The virus could be found in cancers cells that linger in the physical body after treatment, the researchers said.
Among people who have HPV-positive tumors, the brand new test recognized 70 percent of those whose cancer returned within three years, the researchers said.
“Until now, there’s been no reliable biological way to recognize which patients are at higher risk for recurrence, so these tests should greatly help [to] do so,” study researcher Dr. Said in a statement.
Patients with mind and neck cancers typically go to the doctor everyone to three months during the first 12 months after their diagnoses to check for cancer recurrence. But fresh tumors in the tonsils, throat and foot of the tongue can be difficult to spot, and are often not detected early, the researchers said.
Still, because HPV infections is common, the test might identify HPV infections that are not related to the cancer. “We can’t make sure our test results are cancer-specific, and not due to other forms of HPV infection or exposure,” Califano said.
The researchers are actually looking for additional genetic markers that would increase the accuracy of their test.

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